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Children's Book Review: Typewriter

Yevgenia Nayberg's latest work is a fully illustrated children's book told by, as the name implies, a typewriter. The typewriter's tale begins in Russia, and having been manufactured in a Russian factory, it types in Russian letters. Mirroring the journey of the book's author, the typewriter makes its way to America where it begins a new life. Will a typewriter that can only type in Russian letters be of use to anyone in its new home?


Typewriter is visually beautiful. Yevgenia is both the author and illustrator and does an amazing job of transforming the book into a work of art. Little kids will enjoy the humor and story told by the drawings, while older kids and parents will appreciate the details, the unique artistic style, and the particular color combinations. The typewriter's tale is sure to illicit nostalgic feelings from anyone who had to pack up their things and move to an unfamiliar environment.

Review by Gennady Favel

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