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JPA New Jersey


JPA’s feature program – is a high-level Jewish education program designed to give RSJ parents background information, tools, and vocabulary to shape their own and their children’s Jewish journeys. The animating question that guides our work is “How do we instill strong and proud Jewish identity in our children?” To accomplish this, the participants learn with world-renowned thinkers and academics on topics of critical importance including Jewish thought and ideas, Zionism and Israel and others in interactive classes filled with discussions, debate and intellectual inquiry.


Since 2020, JPA expanded its geographic reach to include, first, Manhattan and later, National cohorts by working with active local RSJ leaders to establish regional JPA programs. In 2022, we are excited to partner with Livingston and Short Hills leadership team* to establish the inaugural JPA NJ cohort.  Through this expansion we aim to build a regional presence in NJ and inspire hundreds of RSJ families to engage in learning and discovery of the rich Russian Jewish heritage, tradition, and history. In addition, we aim to grow and strengthen the community though fostering leadership, volunteerism and philanthropy.


JPA curriculum includes the following topics: 

  • To Be a Jew: Quest for Jewish Identity in a Modern World

  • The Journey of the Jews of Russia: From the Pale to the Capital

  • An Old Faith in the New World: The History of American Judaism

  • Jewish Holiday Cycle - an Affair: relationship between the Jewish people and G-d 

  • Jewish Text: Composition, Transmission, and Interpretation.

  • Mastering the Art of Parenting Through a Jewish Lens 

and more…

Program Logistics:


Jewish Parent Academy is a cohort-based program where select 20-25 participants learn together throughout the 10-session course.  Classes meet approximately two times per month over the course of 4 months. 


JPA NJ 2023 semester will commence on 3/2/2023 and conclude on 6/15/2023.


Most classes will take place in person at a convenient   In-person classes will take place at a convenient Millburn location from 7:15-9:45pm.  Zoom class(es) will take place between 8 and 10pm. 




Russian-Jewish parents of children between 0-18 years old are welcome.  The program is designed to serve the RSJ families of MetroWest, NJ.

While this program is designed with Russian Jewish parents in mind, we are happy to welcome spouses of Russian Jewish parents as well.  


Participation fee: 


  • $360


JPA a highly subsidized program and the participant fee represents about 20% of the total cost per participant.  As a grassroots community program, JPA Board and JPA NJ organizing committee members finance the program through their personal contributions and fundraising from the local community members and Jewish organizations. 


JPA is a one-of-a-kind, high quality Jewish education program available to the members of the community and we strongly believe in the value of the JPA experience.  However, if after finishing the program you are not satisfied with the overall value you received, we will refund your program fee. 

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