JPA 2.0: People of the Book: Exploring the Foundational Texts of Judaism

This series of presentations and discussion focuses on four foundational texts of Judaism. We begin with the biblical origins of ethical monotheism and the revolutionary idea of divine covenant that formed the basis of ancient Israel. We continue with the oral publication of the Mishnah, the multivalent code of law that at once parallels Roman law as well as forms a bulwark against Imperial dominance. The diversity of views recorded in the Mishnah explodes into the all-encompassing web of intricate debate, witty stories, biblical interpretation, and timeless wisdom that make up the sea of the Talmud. We finally move to the greatest work of Jewish philosophy by Maimonides who paved the way for reconciling tradition with reason and thereby ensured Judaism would always be intellectual, honest, relevant, and inspiring.

4 weekly classes taught by Rabbi Dr. Ricky Hidary

Zoom Meetings on Mondays 8-10pm EST

May 2, 9,16,23



  • Tanakh: The Covenantal Revolution

  • Mishnah: Legal Pluralism in the Shadow of the Roman Empire

  • Talmud: Everything is Interconnected

  • Maimonides’ Guide for the Perplexed: Reconciling Tradition with Reason

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